As an owner or manager of a website, you know that search engines have the potential to provide your site with an enormous amount of new visitors. However, search engines can only benefit your organization if your website is displayed prominently on the results pages for specific keywords. But achieving top search engine rankings for competitive non-branded keywords isn’t easy. It takes a thoughtful and comprehensive strategy.

At Romain Marketing, we specialize in SEO projects tailored to meet the needs of each business that we serve. We understand what it takes to make your website prominently visible in the search results, and we have the knowledge and tools necessary to report competently on our progress in achieving this goal.

We’ll use a variety of techniques to increase your website’s non-branded organic traffic, and we exclusively use methods that carry no risk of triggering a penalty from Google and other search engines. You’re likely already wary of “fly-by-night” SEO companies that promise results but provide little if any return on investment. Every SEO project that we work on includes concrete details on the project value.

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SEO Audit

In our SEO audit, we’ll manually analyze your website to determine exactly where it stands regarding being optimized for the search engines. We’ll examine the site’s structure, written content, inbound links and more to determine the best plan of action.

On-Site Optimization

Addresses a website’s structural and content issues. We’ll eliminate duplicate content and keyword cannibalization, optimize page titles, meta descriptions, body copy, internal links, images and much more.

Keyword Research

We’ll use the target keywords that you provide to us to gain a better understanding of the value and opportunity of both short and long-tail keywords in your organization’s keyword space. Then we’ll integrate these keywords, key phrases, and keyword themes into your website.

Content Development

Google determines a website’s relevance for keyword searches in large part by indexing and returning pages that contain the users’ search query. A big reason why more sites than ever feature blogs and informative articles. Need a writer or someone to provide SEO direction to your writer? Let us handle or assist with content development.

Site Speed

With increased web competition, customer experience is more important than ever. Search engines include site speed in their algorithm to ensure priority access to websites that are user-friendly and fast. We analyze and accelerate your site speeds to appeal to both your audience and search engine algorithms for higher ranking.

Structured Data

The algorithms of search engines use structured data — a standardized format for information written into your website’s code — to help the search engine understand the content of the page. We use JSON-LD to implement structured data schemas and vocabulary from to advance your website’s visibility on Google and other major search engines.

Web Design

If you want your site to be SEO optimized the design and layout of the website can be a significant technical hurdle to overcome. Let us manage or assist with your design or redesign project and build SEO right into a modern, mobile-ready website.

Web Development

The decisions that your web developer or development team makes can make or break your site’s presence in the search results. Have us work with them to further optimize the site or take advantage of our relationships with quality developers to optimize an existing site or build SEO right into the back-end of a new or redesigned website.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll find out what your competitors’ website authority and linking strategy is and how difficult it would be for your site to outrank or stay far ahead of them. Then we’ll develop a comprehensive plan designed to produce real results.

Inbound links pass trust and authority between websites, Google uses these links to decide which web pages are worthy of being displayed as snippets on result pages and in what order. We’ll help your site obtain the valuable links necessary to rise above the competition.

E-commerce SEO

E-commerce sites typically have a particular set of characteristics that make them especially vulnerable to bad SEO. We’ll optimize the site, product and category pages for the best possible results.

Local SEO

When people look for local or regional businesses, they use keywords that trigger location based search result pages. We’ll optimize your site and off-site properties like Google+ and Yelp pages specifically for location based searches.

International SEO

Do you offer products and services outside of Canada? Perhaps even to those who speak other languages or use search engines other than Google? We’ll optimize the site for international visibility so that you can take advantage of markets worldwide.

Mobile SEO

More people look for products and businesses on smartphones today than ever before. Is your website mobile-friendly? We’ll make sure that your pages display correctly and prominently in mobile search results.

Video SEO

YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine receives more searches per month than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined. Take advantage of this trend and have us optimize your YouTube Channel or pages on your site containing video.

SEO Reporting

Our clear and factual SEO reports properly track your site’s organic search performance over time. For instance, we separate branded from non-branded organic traffic to report accurately on our progress.

Why Romain Marketing?

If you are like most people, you may not know who to turn to for reliable SEO services.

Search engine optimization involves varying areas of expertise including data analysis, strategic planning, web development, writing, editing and the search engines themselves. Outsourcing SEO to a firm such as ours will allow you to focus on your core business activities. Furthermore, finding expert level SEO talent to hire is often difficult. And even if you do have some solid in-house SEO expertise a fresh perspective may be exactly what your team needs.

Romain Marketing has the knowledge, software and connections to complete projects for even large institutions. But we’re also flexible and grounded enough to work well with small businesses and start-ups. If all you need is a high-level site review, we can do it. For larger projects that may involve multiple websites and thousands of pages, we’ll get the job done efficiently and successfully.



Romain Marketing offers a flexible array of working arrangements designed to fit the needs of small and large businesses. Hire us on an as-needed basis or keep us working consistently on SEO. Get in touch today to discuss what we can do for you.

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